In Thirty-Five Years

Last week, my in-laws celebrated their 35th anniversary. I was in search of a greeting card that adequately reflected their journey, but I wasn’t able to find one. So I wrote one.  In 35 years… You fought wars. Sometimes against one another; but, the most valuable battles were fought hand-in-hand, while you faced life’s challenges,Continue reading “In Thirty-Five Years”

Dear Toy Industry, What About the Boys?

It wasn’t until I had a child of my own that the invisible line running down the middle of toy stores dividing the boys toys from girl toys really irked me. Fortunately, this last year has been the year of change in the toy industry. Sparked by a seven-year-old Charlotte’s letter to lego that wentContinue reading “Dear Toy Industry, What About the Boys?”

‘Are You Going to Give Him a White Name?’

I am ecstatic to have my writing in the New York Times today: Feel free to leave comments in the comments section of the post. Did you end up giving your child an ‘ethnic’ name, or did you go for something more ‘western’? Was it a non-issue for you? Do you think parents’ personal experiences playContinue reading “‘Are You Going to Give Him a White Name?’”

That Boy, This Mama

That little boy, The one with bright eyes, Wide and filled with wonder, Watches ever so closely.   When he sees her Mind her manners and Speak with love, He does the same.   When he sees her Confidently swap her apron For a tool belt, He does the same.   When he sees her VoiceContinue reading “That Boy, This Mama”

Lessons from the Playground

Watching my son grow and learn has been the greatest joys of my life. It has also been the greatest learning experience; time and time again, I am reminded that adults are clearly the inferior beings. Children are far happier, healthier, and—as I recently realised—wiser than the adults responsible for them. We could learn aContinue reading “Lessons from the Playground”

DIY 5-minute Ice Cream!

Leave your fancy ice cream makers at home for this kid-friendly DIY. Last week, we had a chance to try out this fun activity. Days later, my toddler is still emphatically telling every stranger on the street how he made his own ice cream. Of course, the delicious end product is the ice cream on theContinue reading “DIY 5-minute Ice Cream!”

What I Want to Say to Mothers Who Breastfeed in Public

I’ve done it in some unusual locations — the backseat of my car, public restrooms, even a department store fitting room. I’m not proud of it, of course. But, at the time, it seemed like I had little choice. I could either choose a somewhat private, secluded spot in public to do the deed orContinue reading “What I Want to Say to Mothers Who Breastfeed in Public”

When Grief Crosses Seven Seas

I woke up this morning to the words “rape” and “six year-old” being used in the same sentence. It was an unbridled assault to my senses that has left me shaken. This week, tensions are running high as news spreads about parents protesting in the streets in Bangalore after a 6-year-old girl was raped inContinue reading “When Grief Crosses Seven Seas”

From a Boy to his Baba

This poem was first published on the blog last winter. With Father’s Day this weekend, I think it serves as a gentle reminder for both children and their fathers to enjoy and embrace their special bond. Happy Father’s Day! Shortly after I was born, You held me so close and dear, Whispering soft sweet ‘angai’* Into myContinue reading “From a Boy to his Baba”