An Open Letter to Kansas from a Mother

Dear Kansas, I am not black. But I love Black History month. I love what it signifies. As a middle-school teacher, I love showing my students that change happens. I love showing them that a bloody battle will inevitably end with good reigning over evil and justice being served. Black History Month depicts the stories of countlessContinue reading “An Open Letter to Kansas from a Mother”

In A Girl’s World

After my little brother was born, I very politely asked my mother when she would be giving me a little sister. I had two brothers, and my seven-year-old self was just plain tired of boys. My mother simply laughed in response. Understanding her laughter, I made the best of the situation. I painted my babyContinue reading “In A Girl’s World”

Eight Ways My Kid has Made Me a Better Person

1. I am less finicky about cleanliness. Everything is everywhere – often times minutes after I’ve cleaned. Why do I even bother tidying the house when I know those deadly sharp wooden blocks will end up under my feet anyway? 2. Nothing surprises me. Yesterday I found a sock in the cutlery drawer. This morning IContinue reading “Eight Ways My Kid has Made Me a Better Person”

Mom Goggles

There is a strange, North American phenomenon that has recently been brought to my attention. Mothers have an inflated and unrealistic view of their children; moms think their kids are the smartest, cutest, and most amazing little creatures to ever set foot on this earth. These mothers are wearing what I call ‘mom goggles’. TheseContinue reading “Mom Goggles”

Fourth Trimester Bodies Project

Words cannot describe how awesome I think this is. But, I’ll give it a shot anyway. The 4th Trimester Bodies Project gallery brought a smile to my face. It is filled with images of pure, boundless, and complete love. I see a child’s joy-filled laughter. I see connection of souls. I see pride, vulnerability, and aContinue reading “Fourth Trimester Bodies Project”

Mommy in the Mirror

The evening sun dips down, lighting the sky to a beautiful shade of scarlet and making the water shimmer alongside The Embarcadero. We are out for another stroll enjoying the stunning view along the port side. Mommies with strollers, joggers, and pet parents with their dogs are a common sight in the evening. In theContinue reading “Mommy in the Mirror”

How My B.Ed. is Making Me a Better Mommy

Not too long ago, when I was a childless, smart-ass teacher, I would scoff under my breath at the sight of frazzled parents struggling to entertain their children over summer vacation. For 10 months a year, I managed a classroom with 25 children; how, then, was it possible these parents were so challenged with theirContinue reading “How My B.Ed. is Making Me a Better Mommy”

I live in Gotham City

It’s noon and people begin to flock around the barricades already. As minutes pass, security guards, police officers, even fire fighters begin to arrive. To the uninformed passerby, it may appear to be a movie set. But, this is no movie. This is real life. He finally arrives. The crowd cheers uncontrollably, chanting his name.Continue reading “I live in Gotham City”