What was that About the Placenta?

Since day one, my son has been a late sleeper. He wouldn’t go down for the night until 2AM at first. Luckily, it slowly shifted closer to 11PM. The minute he would fall asleep, I, of course, would crash too. Our big move¬†worked out in favour of an earlier bedtime due to the 3-hour timeContinue reading “What was that About the Placenta?”

Pink Crayons and Cream Soda

A long time ago (but not that long ago) when I was in Kindergarten, we were colouring Easter bunnies in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. I decided that my bunny’s outfit would be pink. As I reached for the pink crayon in the centre of the table, I happened to find another little girl much like myselfContinue reading “Pink Crayons and Cream Soda”