Fourth Trimester Bodies Project

Words cannot describe how awesome I think this is. But, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

The 4th Trimester Bodies Project gallery brought a smile to my face. It is filled with images of pure, boundless, and complete love. I see a child’s joy-filled laughter. I see connection of souls. I see pride, vulnerability, and a sense of purpose. I see a mother’s beautiful heart.

And so many beautiful bodies.

A woman’s ‘fourth-trimester’, postpartum body certainly doesn’t align with society’s notions of beauty. I am ashamed to say that less than two years ago, I would have referred to the bumps and bulges, the stretch marks, and sagging skin as unsightly. Now, 14 months of motherhood has left me seeing clearly. I can see that every bulge, bump, and mark tells a tale of a woman’s selflessness. In an extremely superficial and egotistical world, acts of selflessness are extremely rare, and, therefore, extremely noteworthy.

It makes me so happy that Ashlee Wells Jackson has taken on this project. It means our children are growing up in a world where a woman’s body is not just an object of sexual desire. Rather, a woman’s body is telling of her life story: unique, remarkable, extraordinary.

The future looks promising.

Published by Anjali Joshi

Anjali Joshi is a science educator, author, and lifelong learner. She is mom to two curious boys who keep her on her toes!

2 thoughts on “Fourth Trimester Bodies Project

  1. I think celebrities give us unrealistic expectations to live up to, so I posted all my postpartum pics, twin skin and all for the world to see what a real person’s body looks like (and normally I won’t even wear a bathing suit in public!) Really, I spared them the worst of it since I won’t post pictures of my lava boobs. 😉

    1. I applaud the participants if this project. Mommies like yourself are an inspiration for those of us who are still accepting our newly transformed bodies. Thanks for reading!

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