Eight Ways My Kid has Made Me a Better Person

1. I am less finicky about cleanliness. Everything is everywhere – often times minutes after I’ve cleaned. Why do I even bother tidying the house when I know those deadly sharp wooden blocks will end up under my feet anyway?

2. Nothing surprises me. Yesterday I found a sock in the cutlery drawer. This morning I found a diaper on my face. Luckily, it was clean. The sock, not the diaper. 

3. I am able to focus better. I can ignore extraneous sounds, such as high-pitched shrieks, that might deter one from the task at hand. My child enjoys grabbing my pant legs and pulling them down as I prepare dinner. Doesn’t phase me.

4. I am more patient. Some days, it takes 45 minutes to get my child to put on his shoes to take out the garbage. A task that would literally take me 45 seconds to do on my own. But, really, I’m home all day anyway, so it’s not like I have much else to do.

5. I am less wasteful. The 5-second rule has turned into the 5-day rule. This applies mainly to Cheerios.

6. I am more religious. I find myself saying OH MY GOD! at least a dozen times per day. This is a 12-fold increase from my pre-baby days.

7. I am able to prioritize better. He’s down for a nap! What shall I do? Eat lunch. Shower. Bathroom. Make dinner. Fold Laundry. Unload dishwasher. Load dishwasher. Clean the apartment. Sleep.

Sleep, it is.

8. I have a greater appreciation for the small things.

  • speaking a complete sentence without interrupting myself to stop my toddler from endangering himself
  • watching television, specifically HBO
  • listening to normal grown-up music
  • eating meals with cutlery
  • drinking coffee while it’s hot and from a normal mug instead of a plastic travel mug
  • using the bathroom with the door shut
  • taking long showers
  • making a phone call
  • using my iphone, ipad, or laptop without fear that it will turn into a very expensive chew toy
    And, perhaps most importantly,
  • my own mother – who raised three children with no nannies, grannies, cleaning ladies, or any other help. Hats off to you, mom. 

Published by Anjali Joshi

Anjali Joshi is a science educator, author, and lifelong learner. She is mom to two curious boys who keep her on her toes!

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