DIY: Monogrammed Gift Bags

Kids’ birthdays are so special; not only for the birthday child, but for everyone attending. In a recent attempt to wrap four birthday gifts for four different children, I found myself in the aisles of Target trying to find four unique gift bags. No luck. So, I thought I’d try my hand at a quick and simple DIY project: custom gift bags for the birthday kids. Here is what the finished product looked like:


What I used:
– solid color gift bag – I used red
– assorted colors of construction paper, contrasting to the color of your bag
– tinsel
– glue gun
– pencil
– scissors



1. On your construction paper, sketch the first letter of the recipients name. You can use a stencil, but I think freehand block or bubble letters add more character.

2. Go over the lines with hot glue, a few inches at a time, and then follow over the hot glue with the tinsel.

3. Cut out the letter slightly outside the perimeter of the tinsel.

4. Centre and glue the letter on the gift bag.


And, voilà! A custom monogrammed gift bag that will be unique and special for the birthday child!

Caution: Toddlers love arts and crafts. You can involve your children by asking them to help you draw the letters on to the construction paper, decorate the letters, and using a glue stick to glue it on the gift bag. Use of the hot glue gun and scissors should always be done by an adult. 

Published by Anjali Joshi

Anjali Joshi is a science educator, author, and lifelong learner. She is mom to two curious boys who keep her on her toes!

3 thoughts on “DIY: Monogrammed Gift Bags

  1. I love this idea! I am going to try it for the goody bags for K’s party next month. Thanks for sharing, anjali 🙂 love your blog!

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